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Mega-Projects: September 2008 Archives

Big Value

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Projects of all shapes and sizes can reap the rewards project management has to offer. But it's the world's mega-projects that stand to benefit the most from some solid methodology and strong leadership.
    Because if things go awry, it's these projects that will lose the most money and scar a company's reputation. Remember the Big Dig in Boston, Massachusetts, USA? More than 20 years in the making, the massive $14.6 billion transportation project came in almost $4 billion over the original estimate. And a yearlong investigation by The Boston Globe revealed more than $1 billion of the overruns could be attributed to the Big Dig's project management and design firms.
    Organizations around the world, however, seem to be learning the lesson of the value of project management. Take Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When it comes to mega-projects, there is no other place like it. From islands shaped like palm trees, to dinosaur theme parks, to the world's tallest building, this place has it all.
    To stay ahead of the pack, however, they need project managers. And the organizations there know it. Just look at any job board and you will find pages and pages of postings for Dubai.
    Remember: mega-projects can lead to mega-problems if you don't do it right.

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