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Talking About Innovation

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Increased innovation keeps popping up in discussions on the intangible benefits uncovered in the preliminary results of PMI's Researching the Value of Project Management study.

It's a topic that's covered often in PM Network--just check out "A Closer Look: Film Riot" from January 2008 or "The Big Payoff" from the February 2008 issue. And it's a topic that the business world at large is paying attention to. CIOs--that's chief innovation officers--are more and more becoming a part of the team. Citi, The Chicago Tribune, Humana, YMCA of the USA and Innovolt  have all brought them to the table.

Innovation and project management go hand-in-hand when it comes to driving the overall strategy of an organization. Project professionals have a big role in this--they will be the ones developing, organizing and executing these innovative new projects. Just look at Apple's iPhone or Masdar City--a $22 billion portfolio of mega-projects aimed at building the world's greenest city in Abu Dhabi. There's no telling what project leaders will come up with next.

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