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The Value of Satisfaction

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Companies around the globe are constantly touting their ability to keep customers satisfied as a competitive advantage and selling point. Google vs. Yahoo, Lexus vs. BMW, Sony vs. Zenith--these battles can be won and lost based on customer satisfaction.

Just think about the last time you were really disappointed with a product or service. Did you go back to the same company or brand the next time around? Face it, most people would say no.

Satisfaction is something that resonates with both companies and consumers. And this is a lesson project professionals can take hold of.

Initial results from PMI's Researching the Value of Project Management study clearly show consistent processes lead to consistent results and greater satisfaction from everyone involved. That covers everyone from the people in the trenches performing the work every day to the end-users who see the final product.

In light of all the possible rewards companies stand to gain from satisfied customers--repeat business, brand loyalty, even evangelism--who says satisfaction isn't a tangible benefit?

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