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On the Street

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In the days following the release of the preliminary results from Researching the Value of Project Management, conference-goers weighed in on the importance of the study. Here is a snapshot of some of their thoughts:

 "It's a landmark study that we all have been looking forward to. ... The results will be felt for many years to come."
--Frank Anbari, Ph.D., United States

"They've gathered a huge quality of very valuable data, the analysis of which will probably take a couple of years. So the presentation that Janice [Thomas] and Mark [Mullaly] gave just gives us the tip of the iceberg. I think they did a very good job presenting how rich that data is, but one thing became very clear out of it. There's a bit of a paradox here. Companies are asking for ROI, but even when they have the opportunity they're not measuring the cost of the benefits."
--Brian Hobbs, PMP, University of Quebec, Quebec, Montreal, Canada

"It was a huge study. ...I can see some very interesting case study work coming out of that and I'd be very keen to read it."
--Derek Walker, Australia

"One thing that struck me in the results of the Researching the Value of Project Management is that there were no companies that were at the [higher] maturity levels. To me, that might be an indication that companies stop at certain points. They see value in project management and they invest in getting common models, common training for their project managers, common terminology, but after a certain level of maturity they stop. So that's probably something that needs to be further investigated to understand ..."
--Yven Petit, PMP, Canada

Come back for more interviews.

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